Saturday, May 16, 2009

A New Morning

I love waking up in Autumn when the air is crisp.  Just like it is now.  I can't hear anyone over at the beach and there are no cars driving past.  There are a few surfers out braving the brisk air in steamers but there really isn't any surf.

I can hear a Magpie somewhere and the only other sound that is coming through the kitchen window is the small waves breaking gently.

Last night was a melt-down.   I miss the Beau (this is the longest we have sent apart since we first got together a few years ago) and felt lonely and after making enough dirty martinis for four - which  I drank all of - and watching Mad Men - which is lovely but ultimately depressing - I had a cry and went to bed with a cup of tea.

When the world shows you a serene day full of promise and potential, then it all seems like it's going to be ok again, even if it is going to take awhile.

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