Thursday, February 23, 2012

Menu Plan

Here is my menu plan for 24/2/12 - 1/3/12

Week 1

B - Grandma's breakfast tomatoes (recipe coming soon), boiled egg and toast soldiers
L - Tuna melt
D - French Onion Soup

B - Home made muesli with yoghurt
L - leftovers
D - out

B - out
L - out
D - Mochi with tamari and ginger (solo meal)

B - Boiled egg and toast soldiers
L - Peanut butter sandwich
D - Zucchini chips with sweet onion dip and sausages (beef and vegetarian)

image and recipe from here

B - Mushrooms on toast
L - Sausage sandwich (the best thing about having sausages for dinner) with mustard
D - Bread Crumb and Porcini Pasta (from Donna Hay's Fast, Fresh, Simple and the recipe is online here)

B - Mushrooms on toast
L - Leftover pasta
D - Baked potatoes with toppings

B - Peanut butter bread
L - out (shopping day so hopefully agadashi tofu)
D - Fish Cakes (again Donna Hay - recipe here)

 Week 2

B - Poached eggs with hollandaise sauce on toast
L -
D - Sweet potato burgers

image and recipe here

B - Pancakes (husband cooking)
L -
D - Chicken breast stuffed with cheese and bacon.  Leftover burger pattie with melted cheese (veggie option) and salad

B - Muesli and yoghurt
L - Freezer meal
D - Homemade sausage rolls (lamb and rosemary/ TVP with ketchup manis and ginger)

B - Soy Milk Smoothie (berry)
L - Leftovers
D - Wild Rice Salad 

image here and recipe and image here

B - Soy Milk Smoothie with banana and chia
L - Tuna melt or leftover burger
D - Leftovers

B - Smoothie (berry) and peanut butter bread
L - Leftover rice salad
D - Caprese Salad (Donna Hay: Fast, Fresh and Simple p 72) and Garlic Prawn Pasta (Donna Hay: Fast, Fresh and Simple p 76)

B - Boiled Egg and toast
L - Salad Box
D - Roast Veggie and Feta tart (add bacon for the husband)

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