Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recipe - Apricot Paste and Vintage Apricot Sauce

Recently I meet with some friends for lunch at the Simone Logue cafe and as usual before I went I had to look at the reviews and the menu and decide what I would be having.  When looking at the website I saw the Ms Logue had a blog and that on this blog she had some reciepes.

Now, living in Australia a lot of the blogs that I love are all skewed towards the opposite season and while I do dream of cooking what I see, I don't often remember it six months later so I was pleased that Ms Logue's blog had some recipes that I could make use of now.

Loving cheese as much as I do I thought that I would attempt to make her Apricot Paste (the recipe is on her blog under November 23) as it sounded so easy.  And as things that generally sound too easy - I found this was the case - not that I found it hard but that I had to save the recipe when made paste wouldn't set.

The taste however was amazing - I used it as a sauce for sweets that night.  To remedy the problem of the past not setting, I used agar agar powder which is made from a sea vegetable - and therefore suitable for vegetarians whereas gelatin - being animal based is not.

I have been thinking about using agar agar for ages, so much so that I have three packets of the stuff!  I love Maggie Beer's recipes and she creates a lot of savoury jellies that I have been wanting to try and now that I know how easy agar agar is to use I will.

So far, we have had the paste on some scones and with a blue cheese - both of which were divine.  I will be re-making this paste with other stone fruits that I can get at a good price.

I thought that I would include a vintage recipe for Apricot sauce from Good Housekeepings Picture Recipes - I do not have a date on it but hazard a guess that it is late 50s early 60s.

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