Monday, January 13, 2014

Daily Outfit: Jackie Onassis

I love earning outfits inspired by Jackie Onassis when I'm on holidays.  It is one vintage style in particular that fits in with the climate here in Sydney and the activities I'm involved in.  Today it was going to the zoo.

Jackie Onassis and Valentino - from here

I love Jackie's style at this time of her life.  Everything is very simple and easy to wear, easy to care for and functional.  I have the most amazing book called: Jackie Handbook.  The above photo is in that book but it seems to be unavailable at the moment from the Book Depository but you may be able to find a copy on eBay.  The book chronicles Jackie's greatest looks at important times of her life with a few interviews thrown in.   It is about an inch and a half thick so there is a lot of material and it contains a lot of photographs I had not seen before - especially those taken in the second half of her life.

From here

Incidentally I also have the Marilyn Handbook which has just as many photographs and is great for studying the style of clothing worn by Marlyn throughout her life.

Here is my outfit inspired by Jackie:

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