Sunday, January 19, 2014

I'm getting a Thermomix!

I am so excited to share with news with you about my Thermomix!!

Everyone know how much I love reading RetroMummy and I have been envious of how easily she makes dinner look when cooking for her tribe of 7 and she says it is manily due to her Thermomix.

I was asked my my BF's husband around to their place for a demonstration of the one he had bought her for her birthday - how romantic (it really is when you see the price) - and I was really impressed.  The speed at which this thing churned out dishes that were both hot and cold - with leftovers to boot - made me think "I want one."

Well I thought about it for a few weeks and followed some amazing people on Instagram and then I tried to make cocnut butter in  my food processor and almost blew it up and then, my tiny baby boy (noy) decided that he could reach things on the ktchen bench and start pulling them down - so that finally sold it to me.

The Thermomix allows you to chuck in ingredients press the buttons and walk away and nothing will burn, not baby will hurt themselves and I can get rid of half the appliances I have in the kitchen because of all the things that the Thermo can do.

The Thermomix people really don't do a good job on their website of making it look as good as it can be - if you are interested I suggest you follow the people who actually own one who are on Instagram and blooging.

The best ones I have found are of course, RetroMummy

CXorrie and her family - from here

, My Melbourne Thermomix

Lemon Tart - from here

The people I am following on Instagram are:
          • dansthermomixjourney
          • thermomama
          • myfoodsafari
          • valeria_the_well_nest
          • tenina (of thermomix cookbook fame)

Anyway when it arrives I will be sure to let you know what I think!

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