Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Weekly Round Up

I have had a full on first week back at work (the same as everyone else - I know) so have been slack on reporting and photographing things daily for my blog.

Fisrt of alll: Menu Plan Monday
I think that I followed my menu plan for the week quite well.  Actully looking at it, I did an atrocious job!

On Thursdau day I actually bough sushi and chanmpange and hot chocloate for dinner as I was out at a wedding expo.

Friday I was perfect and as you can see from my photo this dinner turned out to be lovely.  
I made the pastry from scrtach and although I kow it is not everyone's idea of relaxing I find cooking of Friday - witha glass of wine - to be just what I need.  

The wine we had was from a Hunter Valley winery called Cruickshanks and it was their 2000 Two Cabernets.  Divine.  I also cooked a scotch fillet for the beau as he believed he will strave if he doesn't eat meat at every meal.

I didn't end up doing Saturday's Pilaf and pumpkin curry as I went out for a birthday to the Shore Club with is kind of like being in a thirties sea side resort (upstairs anyway) but the food was hideous, as it often is with trendy places (margarita pizza and pizza crusts with undetectable garlic and rosemary).

Tonight is Sunday and my lovely best friend has invited the beau and I for dinner.  I will still make macaroons to take.

However that means that I bought some stuff for the menu that didn't get used so dinner from Sat and Sunday will happen this week.

Monday: Penne Alla Vodka, Ricotta and Pinenut salad and Macaroons.

Tuesday: Marmee's

Wednesday: Grandma's

Thursday: Brown Rice Pilaf and Pumpkin Curry.

Friday: Greek Salad and Tofu Enchiladas (for me) and Meat for the Beau

Saturday: Stuffed capsicums (using spare pilaf) and BBQ tofu (for me) and steak (for Beau)

Sunday: Za'atar Chicken and Fattoush (a la Lawson) and BBQ tofu. Petits Pots De Creme (from: The Food of France)

Here is a photo of what I had to throw out this week.  Much better than last week!
  • Dolmades
  • Disgusting Pepsi Max (bough over by a friend)
  • Satay Tofu
  • Hard Goats Cheese
  • 1 Lentil Patty

Here are my bento's for this week.  Some are for me and some are for the beau.

Maki's Fried Rice with snowpeas and a lentil ball.  Sweet chili chicken.  Apricot delight coconut things and chips.

Maki's Fried Rice and Lentil Ball.  Snow peas. Cucumber.  My first attempt at tamago (egg omelette with soy)

This will be a turkey, cranberry and cheese sandwich with an apricot and mango fruit strap and chips


With this crazy heat (not so bad as Melbourne) my beautiful plants which struggle to grow, due to the salt, have come out in full force:

Biblical Jasmine


Biblical Jasmine

Biblical Jasmine

Biblical Jasmine


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