Sunday, February 1, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

To stop the enormous amount of food I throw away I have decided not only to continue on the Bento challenge but also to complete a menu plan Monday.  I actually do not cook that many meals at home because my family catch up a few nights a week over dinner so this should help to reduce the amount of food that I buy.

Her is my menu plan:

Monday: Nann Pizza's (A Nigella Lawson reciepe from Express).  Fruit Salad

Tuesday: Dinner at Mum's

Wednesday: Dinner at Grandma's

Thursday: Veggie Soup and Bread

Friday: Vegetable Quiche with Salad (add chicken for the meat eaters).  Hazelnut Ice-cream

Saturday: Brown Rice Pilaf with Pumpkin Curry.  Macaroons.

Sunday: Penne Alla Vodka (Nigella's FEAST) and Vegetarian Nachos.

As you can see from the graphic at the top this idea comes for Menu Plan Monday comes from a blog called: "I'm an organizing Junkie".  This sit has also induced me to do some filing!

Here is a picture of my latest Bento.  It has curried egg and crackers, a chef's salad with coppa and haloumi and spicy lentil snake (from Just Bento) with some nut crunch.

This is my outfit for today.  The little bolero is new and from Review (I love these style prints).  The skirt is wool and boy was it hot!


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