Saturday, January 31, 2009


My life is so full of food.  I am very lucky that some of it has been extraordinarily good.  Here are some of my top food experiences:

  • New York Strip cooked Black and Blue
  • Waygu steak cooked rare at the Red Oak Brewery - Sydney
  • Hianese Chicken Rice - Singapore
  • Mum's hot chocolate - the memory is probably better than the reality
  • Chili candied olives at Barrenjoey House - Sydney
  • Polenta for breakfast with pickled ginger and tamari
  • Uncle David's Baked Cheesecake (which he won't make any more!)
  • Tempura prawn roll at Izumi, Manly
  • Freshly Baked warm sourdough bread with chive marscapone at Shore's restaurant, Mosman
  • A firm goat's cheese with pear paste in the among the vines at McGuigan's, Hunter Valley.
This list is all I can remember at the moment.

This year I hope to eat at Tetsuya's and Bilson's and the Bather's Pavillion.

They don't seem to have very vegetarian menu's at these places but since I actually love meat and seafood and it's a once in a life time thing I might eat some.  I know at Tetsuy'as you don't have a choice as there is a degustation menu, which features seafood.

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