Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bad tofu?

Today I am feeling a little worse for wear due to some bad satay tofu (I'm not one for looking at expiry dates).

Other than that I have been going well being vegetarian.  On Friday however I did have fish and chips for lunch with my mother from Ocean Masters because it is her favourite.  I have to get to know what I can order at fast food places so I don't have to do it again.

I find that I am not missing the taste of meat at all.  I have even been editing my vast collection of recipe books down to ones the have a fair amount of vegetarian recipes in them.

The other most trying part of this is that people (mainly my Grandmother) think that it's absurd that I feel sorry for animals and don't want to eat all those hormones and antibiotics.  I'm not pushing for them to be vegetarian so why should they push for me to be an omnivore?

I am having my best friend and her boy over for dinner tonight so hopefully I will be able to make something nice.  I am thinking:
  • Fresh sweet corn chowder (with bacon sprinkled on after serving)
  • Pilaf with the chicken cooked separately
  • Salad
  • Ice-cream and hot chocolate (they don't drink tea or coffee.
Yesterday I also tried some new vegan foods:
  • S0y King Butter (which doesn't melt so I think it's for sandwiches)
  • Soy King Cream Cheese (this did melt and was great)
Below are some photos from dinner one night and a bush walk we did down to Elvina Bay (on the hottest day of the year - Tuesday).

This is a lovely dinner we had on the balcony with our new favourite wine - Knappstein Enterprise Cabernet Shiraz 2005.

Even Coco Chanel wanted to try it

This is the beau at the bottom of Lovitt Bay where there is supposed to be a swimming hole but as we have a drought - nothing.

The beau took these amazing pictures looking up at what normally is a waterfall.

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