Monday, January 5, 2009

Dissection of New Years Resolutions and lots of photos

Now I have time to think about what I'm doing here we go:...

1.  Do not eat meat this year and attempt to give up all dairy (cheese is my weakness!)
I am actually doing well with this.  So far I have tried tofu and tempeh and a few other vege alternatives (but not ones made from wheat).  I went to sushi train today with the boy and went - "they have nothing I can eat!" and then ate two pieces of salmon (not even a sustainable fish).  But then i found their menu and order a tamago nigri sushi (cold, sweetened egg omelette) and agadashi tofu and vegetable tempura.  It was all delicious and filing and healthy.
Plus I have started to lose a little weight - I guess from my cutting out most saturated fats - bonus!

2.  Go to Church more often - I really feel at peace with the world after service.  Also offer to take Sunday school once at month (there is not one now)
I have the world's worst temper and I know that by going and spending time reflecting on my life and my choices and feeling positive about myself i can deal with my anger and be a better person.  Plus I love all of the oldies at church - they are very sweet.

3.  Make time to go to the gym every second day - ideally every day
I have not done so well on this one yet.  Again going to the gym is a little me time that I need to unwind and think through things.  It also is good for my health.  I am hoping to go Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I am going to stop using the excuse of there not being a class on.  The other day I went to the gym at 6 am and it was bliss - there was no one there - I could even have a clean shower.  
Yesterday I read SKM interview on TWW and she said the she was attacked for trying to look her best at the gym - well I am going into bat for her team and am going to try and look my best going to, at and coming home from the gym.  I have even gotten my gym bag all ready with everything I need to be glam.

4.  Do not take on work on my days off - I deserve a rest!
This will allow me to get stuff done and also to take time out for my university work (hopefully this will be my last year). 

5.  Save $50 a week for my wedding
This will start when I go back to work as I have no income until then.  I will stick it in an account and not touch it.

6.  Do my university  work at least a few days before it's due
Last  year I remember feeling sick at the thought of not getting my university work in on time.  It is only through the extreme generosity of my lecturers that I passed this year.

7.  Try and let the little things go that annoy me.
This applies mainly to picking things up and cleaning and there being no parking etc.  I am just going to accept it and move on.

Also while reading SKM (I am obsessed) I noted that she spoke with her Grandma about the amount of stuff that she goes around picking u and her Nanna says she didn't have to pick up so much stuff because  she didn't have so much stuff.  So therefore I'm going to get rid off stuff -  I have already started but forgot to drop it off at Vinnie's, so now it's crap in my car!
I have since this time thought of a few more that I want to implement:

8.  Try and have some sort of intimate moment with the boy every day - a nice hug and a kiss will do.  I have read that intimacy goes downhill when you are married.  I don't want to begin with birthdays and anniversaries!

9.  Not buy any magazines from this moment on.  Earlier today I bought 3 and read them in about 5 minutes and thought what a waste of money.  I can just look online for all my wedding things.

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