Thursday, January 15, 2009


Here is an outfit which I thought was lovely and cool for this hot weather.  Here is a slightly different pin curl set.  I still have to pull hair back on one side however.
I have been working with different effects on the iPhoto and I think that the Sepia and Antique finishes are the best.
Here are some other photos from the beau and my dates with the city (we have been trying to make Monday and Tuesday "do things" days).

This picture is from our picnic at Bronte day (it was lovely and not crowded at all).

This is a snapshot from Jamberoo - where we did indeed control the action!  I even jumped off a 3m drop!  Not much for some yes but for the world's biggest wimp (I couldn't do it last time we went)- it was a triumph!

Last night Mum and I watched the Jane Austen book club.  I have read all of her works bar -  Northhanger Abbey - and I really enjoyed it.  I thought that some of the plot was stupid at the end.  For one, if my husband wanted me back after he left for another woman I would hit him, and on the other hand if my husband was such a jerk that he canceled a trip to Paris for a basketball game I would also hit him and not want to "persuade" ourselves that we had anything in common.

Maybe I will re-read to confirm that they missed the fact that Jane was not so good as to forgive as her characters did so often.  Elizabeth Bennett was a make-believe character -not a self portrait!  But in the film they did mention the Patrick O'Brian naval series (with is set at the same time as Austen but written by a contemporary of ours) and I happen to be re-reading that series as we speak (I am half way through number 5  (14.5 left to go!).

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