Thursday, December 11, 2008

Band Parties and Presentation Days

I heard an interesting term at one of the Presentation Days I went to .  The Principal of the school referred to the children who were receiving awards as the ones wearing "the white suit".
They were being different, standing out and being proud of what they have done.
I am glad that they are encouraging children to be proud of their work and to be happy to be different but it seems to me that it's a bit the opposite of what we had when I was at school.
You still won awards ad it was celebrated but it wasn't pushed at anyone and whenever I got an award I always felt that I deserved it but that there were others who deserved one as well.  Maybe what I was taught got taken too far and now they have to go back the other way.
Everyone is always saying that Australians have a tall poppy syndrome.  I guess maybe we do.
This week is not so busy as there are not too many presentation night/day let but we do move into Christmas Carol territory.
My favourites are:
O Holy Night (not the Cartman version boy)
Mary's Child
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Westminster Carol
I also remember singing some Australian ones in Church one year but I cannot remember what they were.  I know that we didn't sing "Orana for Christmas Day" (which is actually a poem set to words) but that's Mum's favourite.

Here are some pictures from the Birthday weekend, Coco Chanel (the Cat) and dinner.

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atomicliving said...

I love Santa Baby, but NOT the madonna version. I laugh every time Dominick the italian christmas donkey comes on (I think it is dean martin or somthing) what child is this and of course The Bells (hark how the bells, sweet xmas bells yada yada) I have to admit I am a xmas nerd and I have been secretly listening to the Holiday Gengre collection on my ipod since the day after our american thanksgiving (the unofficial beg of xmas thinking around these parts due to our crass commercial society trying to get as many people spending as soon as possible) cute cat, nice blog;)

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