Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is this the loneliest time of the year?

Christmas and the holiday season, is lonely hen you have everyone in your life involved with someone else and your partner has to work.  The boy had Christmas Day off and Boxing Day off but now is back at work.  I know this is only the second day on may own but the days seem to stretch on forever.  It's 8.50 am on Sunday morning and already i have cleaned the kitchen, made the bed, made the boy his lunch, had breakfast, put together my new worm farm, read 30 pages of my book and called Mum to take her to the organic food market!

I can just imagine how is must be for people who don't have someone in their lives to start off with.  maybe I'm just being like this because I'm on holidays and normally have 10 000 things to do.  I still haven't gone to the gym though.

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