Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I have just come home from a performance with one of the school's I work with.

Everything seemed to go off really well.  The student's all played well and most behaved well for most of the night.

For children to make the program they had to audition for myself.  They were then given a mark out of ten.  The top ten scores for each band made it to the program.  However some students forgot to look at the program on monday so tonight the fact that they had not made the cut came as something of a shock to themselves and all the family they brought with them.  What's a teacher to do.  Let those that whine to you play.  Let everyone play and be there to midnight (9.30 pm is already pretty late for some primaries).

I felt really mean.  I remember when I was little everyone had to do a solo and solo night began at 4 pm and went through until about 7 with solid soloing!  I would  not have a problem with it but the school does.

So to all my lovely students who didn't get to play I'm sorry and I do understand.  Hopefully next time.

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