Monday, July 20, 2009



After only a few days away, everything is changing.

The other night I heard a radio interview where the economic downturn was being discussed and everything like that and the economics professor said that it might not feel like recession to everybody.  I thought, well apart from a few students dropping out of lessons, everything is going well for me.  I guess he's right.  My best friend left her job and was unable to get another one (which hasn't happened to her before), and I don't see do many positions being advertised around.

The other blogs that I read, however have been hit by the recession or have felt the effects of it.  What does one say to these people (who you count as friends) when you don't really know them?  I want to wish them luck and let them know that I am sure I am not only one sending out good thoughts for them.

I have never really considered this online community differently from the communities I am part of in "real life".  Actually, no that's not true - because I wouldn't reveal a lot of what I write here to people I work with or even my family (apart from the Beau).  But I feel comfortable among this group of "strangers/friends" to give a voice to my feelings.

So I guess this post is more about saying "thanks" for the chance to talk and explore my thoughts and ideas that I wouldn't otherwise be able to investigate and for knowing that there are people who I don't really know that are interested in the same things as me and that I'm not alone.


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