Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Review and Menu

Well my goal for yesterday was too get everything specified and I did up to a point...  

I went to a movie yesterday and knew that I would want some popcorn and peanut m&ms!  So instead I took a small thermos of brown rice with umeboshi and gomashio.  I thought that was pretty good of me.  But the menu doesn't seem to have any grains in it after Morning Tea (MT) - oh well!

Dinner at Mum's was lovely.  By the time I got there I had a serous headache from lack of caffeine and sugar.  But I did have a glass of lovely wine (red) and a bit of cheese on a biscuit.  Mum made a vegetarian curry with rice.  And.......  Key Lime Pie... which I had never had but was delicious and so easy to make (whoops).

So hopefully today - is back on track

Day 3

B - Nettle Tea
  - Strawberry Smoothie

MT - Celery and Tomatoes topped with Hummus

L - Baked Sweet Potato
- Beetroot Salad

AT - Handful of raw almonds

D - Again have been invited to a friends so will take Lemon and Fennel Coleslaw (specified).   The other thing for dinner is White Bean Soup.  I haven't decided if I should take this yet as well.  It might seem rude.

So today my challenges are going out for breakfast and dinner and trying to keep of track as much as possible.

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