Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am now officially on holidays!  This feels like it has been the longest term ever (11 weeks) especially as I had my practicum in the middle of it, Eisteddfod and the Beau is away.
This weekend, my brother is on a surfing trip up North so I have the apartment to myself for the whole weekend.  I also do not have to do anything tomorrow apart from a reading a Church  but that finishes at 9.30 am.

Here is a list of all the things I want to get done these holidays:

  • Paint some part of our apartment - except no one likes the colours I do
  • See Harry Potter  and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Pass me DET interview with flying colours
  • Spend some time with my Beau
  • Get my tax-return done
  • Get all my AMEB notes for students done (I have 13 doing exams - my most ever)
  • Finish my reading for university next semester - one subject to go!!!!
  • Have my 50s Fair outfit planned
  • Spend some time driving wherever I like and looking at Op Shops
  • Document through photographs different vintage-inspired outfits I can put together.
  • Do all the mending in my mending basket
  • Finally complete the curtains for my little brother and sisters playhouse (we're into the second year).
  • Have decided on somewhere to have our wedding
  • Try a different cocktail every day from my Hollywood Cocktail book.
  • Document everything and post about it.
I remember when I was younger I would always keep a journal and a mood board with pictures that inspired me or wrappers/postcards/coasters etc from things I did that I wanted to remember.  When I started at uni, studying music composition and got my first apartment, my creativity was channelled into decorating and composing music.  It is only now (3 years after finishing uni) that I a feeling the need to keep track of inspiring things and ideas.  
I know my blog is a bit all over the shop about what it s about - but I guess that is what life is like at the moment.  I have school, personal life, wedding plans, vintage interests, dreams about the future and they don't quite all seem to mesh yet.  I know that I do try to keep most of them apart (for example teaching and my personal life) but it would be nice to feel like I can be myself all the time at work.

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